Individual Counselling

  • weekly or bi-weekly 50 minute sessions working on skill building, self-awareness or other therapeutic goals

  • variety of modalities (CBT, Attachment, EMDR, play therapy or others)

  • 110$ per session (call for more information)

  • short consultations or support in between regular appointments is also included in sessional costs, regular phone calls requiring more than 15 minutes per week will need to be discussed for billing​

Group Counselling

  • weekly group sessions ranging from 60-90 minutes

  • providing educational information and therapeutic coping strategies

  • Price to be determined based on number of participants, length and topics to be covered

  • ​available in a variety of locations (call for more information)

  • available via phone, email or in person

  • first 15 minutes are free of charge, hourly rate is 120$ per hour and it is pro-rated to 5 minute increments

  • please book a time to do consultation, as it is difficult to provide this service with distractions for yourself, as well as for myself​
  • available with notice, descriptors of material desired to be covered, length of presentation, and audience

  • cost to be discussed based on material, transportation etc.  Please call to discuss further
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