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Great books to check out:

Emotional regulation:

Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Kids: A DBT-Based Skills Workbook to Help Children Manage Mood Swings, Control Angry Outbursts, and Get Along with Others
by Jennifer J. Solin PsyD and Christina Kress MSW LICSW

Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to Help Your Child Regulate Emotional Outbursts and Aggressive Behaviors
by Pat Harvey ACSW LCSW-C and Jeanine Penzo LICSW

Feelings Ninja: A Social, Emotional Children's Book About Emotions and Feelings - Sad, Anger, Anxiety Paperback – July 26 2021
by Mary Nhin


CBT Workbook for Kids: 40+ Fun Exercises and Activities to Help Children Overcome Anxiety & Face Their Fears at Home, at School, and Out in the World
by Heather Davidson Psy.D BCN

What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety Paperback – Illustrated, Sept. 15 2005
by Dawn Huebner (Author)

Helping Your Anxious Child: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents Paperback – Illustrated, Dec 3 2008
by Ronald Rapee PhD (Author), Ann Wignall D Psych (Author), Susan Spence PhD (Author)


Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Kids: 60 Fun Activities to Help Children Self-Regulate, Focus, and Succeed Paperback – June 26 2018
by Kelli Miller LCSW MSW

Mindful Parenting for ADHD: A Guide to Cultivating Calm, Reducing Stress, and Helping Children Thrive Paperback – Sept. 1 2015
by Mark Bertin MD

Emotion Coaching

What to Say to Kids When Nothing Seems to Work: A Practical Guide for Parents and Caregivers Paperback – Feb. 24 2020
by Adele Lafrance (Author), Ashley Miller (Author)

Parenting after trauma by Robyn Gobbel

Good inside by Dr. Becky

The Cure for Chronic Pain by Nicole Sachs LCSW

Like Mind Like Body by Curable

Dear Anger and Dear Anxiety by GoZen

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